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X-SCISSORS Industrial Co., Ltd. X-SCISSORS Industrial Co., Ltd.
Hair Scissor Factory machines

Hair Scissor Factory machines

ZhangJiaGang X-Scissors Industrial Co., Ltd.


Production Procedures

  • Production Line


    1. Scissor Dimension:

    Blade size: tip to pivotX-SCISSORS Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Overall length: tip to longest handle, not including the finger rest



    1. Blades: There are two styles of shear blades. That’s convex edge and beveled edge.

    Convex Edge: Shears with convex blades are designed for slide cutting and precision cutting. Styling is easier because the razor-sharp blades don’t  need too much force to use thus it is ideal for those who spent most of each day cutting hair which increases the likelihood of suffering from muscle strain. Compared to the bevel blades, convex blades have just been recently introduced and used in the industry. These type of blades have been popularized by the Japanese. The blades’ design protects hair strands from friction while allowing you more power behind each snip, producing a smooth and flawless cut. Convex blades are harder and a bit more expensive compared to shears with bevel blades. Additionally they may require more frequent sharpening.

    Beveled Edge: Shears with beveled blades have been used for a long time. The Germans were the first to use and introduce these shear blades into the hairstyling industry. In fact, these type of blades were the only ones which were used in the past. The serrated edge of beveled blades is perfect for layering, tapering, and “shears over the comb” cutting style which is popularly associated with barbers. To prevent hair from sliding towards the front, you will find that one edge of the shear is serrated. 

    These scissors require considerable effort to use particularly when working on achieving a closely cropped hair. In fact, scissors with this type of blades have often been associated with work-related issues including strained muscles in the fingers and hands. Beveled blades should never be used for sliding cuts because it can result in a choppy and gapped appearance. Compared to Convex blades, Beveled blades are harder and eventually lasts longer. It is also less prone to nicks and damages. However, you need to exert more effort when cutting and that can increase chances of work-related strain or injury.


    1. Handles: There are three styles of shear handle designs.

    Opposing gripX-SCISSORS Industrial Co., Ltd.

    The traditional design, still good enough for those who cut with thumb and middle finger. But needs elbow up.

    Offset grip:X-SCISSORS Industrial Co., Ltd.

    A upgrading version from opposing grip with thumb handle shorter. It reduces over extension of the thumb and allows a more open hand. Still needs elbow up.

    Crane grip:X-SCISSORS Industrial Co., Ltd.

    A evolution version from offset grip. A shorter thumb handle allows a big open cutting and makes elbow down to relieve stress on both shoulder and wrist. A modern ergonomically healthy design indeed.


    1. Thumbs:

    Standard thumb:

    Removable and reversible, the finger rest can be attached to either side for left or right handed stylist compatibility。

    Cutaway thumbX-SCISSORS Industrial Co., Ltd.

    There is a small indentation at back of thumb ring. It allows opening scissor with only side of thumb.

    Anatomic thumb:X-SCISSORS Industrial Co., Ltd.

    There is slight bending at back of thumb ring. It allows opening scissor with only side of thumb. Much more ergonomical design.


    Swivel thumbX-SCISSORS Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Rotating handle reduce hand and wrist stress.


    1. Finger rest: There are two styles for finger rest.X-SCISSORS Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Permanent finger rest: It’s curved for comfort and not removable.

    Removable finger rest: It’s straight and can be removed by unscrewing.



    1. Tension system:

    Coin or key adjustable tension screws:X-SCISSORS Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Dial adjustable tension screws:X-SCISSORS Industrial Co., Ltd.

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